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Environmental Drilling Services


GEO has built a reputation for providing reliable, high quality, cost effective environmental drilling services.  All work is completed in strict compliance with state and federal environmental regulations in addition to all Site & Client specific health and safety protocols.

Installing Bedrock Monitoring Wells using a Down-The Hole Air Hammer

GEO also offers a wide range of Direct Push/Geoprobe Services with our Truck Mounted, BobCat Mounted and ATV Mounted Direct Push Rigs.  Our truck mounted rig is quick and efficient having both Direct Push & Hollow Stem Auger capabilities.  Our BobCat mounted rig requires only 10 feet of overhead clearance and is only 5 feet wide so getting inside buildings is quick and efficient!  Our ATV rig can get to the difficult to access sites!  Wherever you need to sample - we can get there!  With our wide selection of Geoprobe tooling we can perform Macro Core Sampling, Dual Tube Sampling, Water Sampling, Soil Gas Sampling (PRT and Implants), Pre-Packed Well Screen Installation, ORC & HRC Injection, Grouting and may other Geoprobe related services!

Acker Soil Max Installing Monitoring Wells at a Petroleum Retail Facility

GEO's knowledgeable crews have the training and experience necessary to safely and efficiently complete environmental projects at PPE Levels D through B.  Using our truck mounted and ATV rigs GEO personnel have, for example, installed ground water monitoring wells, abandoned wells, collected soil/water samples, installed recovery wells, and performed in-situ remediation at sites that include hazardous and non-hazardous landfills, government munitions, chemical manufacturing facilities, steel manufacturing facilities, Brownfields sites, petroleum bulk & retail facilities and many other types of industrial/commercial sites.

BobCat Probe Rig Inside Manufacturing Facility

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