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Geotechnical Drilling Services 

GEO has the experience and equipment necessary to provide our Clients with high-quality geotechnical services.  Accurate and complete collection and documentation of subsurface samples is key to the success of any geotechnical project.  All geotechnical drilling is performed in strict compliance with ASTM standards and includes the following: 

  • Soil Boring with Split Spoon Samples (SPT)
  • Shelby Tube Sampling 
  • NX Conventional or NQWL Wireline Diamond Rock Coring (Double or Triple Tube) 
  • Single or Double String Packer Testing of Rock Formations
  • Grouting and Sealing of Boreholes 
  • Permeability Testing
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Survey Monument Installation
  • Coring Concrete For Laboratory Testing (2-inches through 13-inches)

Rock Core Samples

Split Spoon Soil Samples (SPT)

Portable Thin-Wall Diamond Concrete Coring

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