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Excavation, Site Preparation & Remediation System Installation Services

John Deere 310 Backhoe

Whether you need to excavate test pits, perform site clearing or preparation, construct access roads or install a remediation system, GEO has the equipment and OSHA trained personnel to meet your project needs! With our John Deere 310 Backhoe and BobCat 763 GEO can safely and efficiently get the job done! GEO has the trained personnel to operate larger rental excavation equipment if needed.  All of GEO's personnell are OSHA and site specificallty trained.  
No need to add another subcontractor to a project when GEO can be your full-service contractor! 
Some of the tasks/projects GEO has completed include:
  • Excavate test pits to collect environmental soil and water samples.
  • Excavate test pits to examine building foundations.
  • Clearing and grubbing of sites in advance of drilling operations.
  • Construction of roads via dozer to remote drilling locations.
  • Mowing and clearing of landfills in advance of Client water sampling events.
  • Installation of remediation systems including digging, trenching, backfilling excavation with base materials, installation of PVC pipe, plumbing of pipe with appropriate fittings, plumbing of well heads to the system, installation of 24"x24" road boxes, pouring of concrete trailer pad and concrete finishing, pulling of utility and service lines through PVC conduits, underpinning of trailers, etc...
  • Mowing and Clearing of brush in advance of site activities.
  • Construction & removal of Air Bridges over gas lines.

Excavation & Recovery Well System Installation

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