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GEO=s Air Knife Excavation Systemconsists of a trailer mounted 185 cfm air compressor, Air-Vac and Air-Spade.   These units combine to form a full featured, low cost, stand alone air vacuum excavation system!!!  


GEO=s Air Knife Excavation System is:


C                     Faster and Safer than hand clearing


C                     Non-Damaging to underground utilities


C                     Easily operated &  Highly Portable for the most inaccessible areas!!!!


C                     The Air-Vac & Air-Spade can be easily moved directly to the location even if it=s

                500 feet or more away from the air compressor!


            C                     The unit can easily fit through a standard 32-inch wide doorway!


C           The Air-Spade delivers a 90 psi concentrated air stream that removes most soils,

                including compacted cohesive soils and hard clay. 


C                     The Air-Vac unit delivers a peak suction of 9 to 12 hg, allowing the removal

                of 1 to 2 cfm of debris.

Air Knife System in Operation
Air Knife System

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