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GEO's Drilling Rigs & Support Equipment:  

GEO has a very diverse selection of drilling equipment to meet demanding project requirements.  Each rig can perform multiple drilling functions which maximizes jobsite efficiency and reduces total project costs! 

  • Diedrich D-50 Turbo Track ATV Rig (Auger, Auto Hammer, Coring, Air Hammer/Rotary & Direct Push Capabilities)
  • CME 45 Marooka Track ATV Rig (Auger, Auto Hammer, Coring, Air Hammer/Rotary Capabilities)
  • Acker Soil Max Rig (Large Diameter Auger, Auto Hammer, Coring & Large Air Hammer/Rotary Capabilities)
  • Acker ADII ATV Rig (Auger, Coring & Air Hammer/Rotary Capabilities)
  • CME-55 Rig (Auger, Auto Hammer, Coring & Air Hammer/Rotary Capabilities)
  • Hurricane Direct Push Sampling System (Probe & Auger)
  • BobCat Mounted Direct Push Drill (Low Clearance Probe)
  • Backhoe - John Deere 310
  • BobCat Front End Loader
  • Marooka Utility Hauler
  • Air Knife Utility Excavation/Clearing System
  • Freightliner Tractor w/ 20 Ton Trailer
  • Kenworth Tractor w/ 10 Ton Trailer

Hurricane Dual HSA/Probe Rig

Acker Soil Max Drill Rig

Acker AD-II Drill Rig

CME-55 Drill Rig

D-50 Loaded on Tractor & Trailer
Air Knife Unit
JD 310 Backhoe
D-50 ATV Rig
BobCat Mounted Probe Unit

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