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USEPA Superfund Site - Slag Landfill
Northwestern, PA & Northeastern, OH

Installing Artesian Well In Glacial Till

GEO performed the installation of ground water monitoring wells and soil borings at a former steel manufacturer's landfill.  The wells ranged in depth from 20 feet to 150 feet and were installed into glacial materials (slag, silt, flowing sand and very hard till) and bedrock.  Shallow borings were completed in the slag fill materials.  GEO used multiple drilling techniques to complete this project including hollow stem augers (3-1/4" through 8-1/4" HSA) with split spoon sampling, air-hammer drilling into bedrock and cable tool drilling through till.  GEO also installed, welded and grouted in place over 1,000 feet of steel surface casing for the deeper bedrock wells.  Some of these deep wells were completed as artesian wells.  In addition to the drilling, GEO personnel performed numerous support activities such as waste management and containerization, decontamination, installation of steel locking covers and 2'x2' square formed concrete pads, and well development.

Installation of Air Sparging/Soil Vapor Extraction & Monitoring Wells
Former Steel Manufacturing Facility - Ohio

Monitoring Well Installation

As a member of the remediation team at this site GEO performed the following tasks:

  • Advanced 98 soil test borings using screened 3-1/4" hollow stem augers (HSA) for the collection of in-situ groundwater samples.
  • Collection of split spoon soil samples
  • Installation of 120 air sparging points to a depth of 60 feet
  • Installation of 76 dual air sparging/soil vapor extraction wells to a depth of 60 feet
  • Completion of 230 concrete cores ranging in diameter from 8" to 14" and to a depth of 24" inside a large manufacturing building
  • Management of site wastes (soil and water) into roll off containers and 55 gallon drums
  • Decontamination
  • Grouting

Installation & Abandonment of Ground Water Monitoring Wells
DOE Research & Development Facility - West Virginia

HSA Drilling with ASTM Split Spoon Soil Sampling

GEO performed multiple phases of work at this site that included installation of groundwater monitoring wells (20 each) that ranged in depth from 20 feet to 295 feet' abandonment of 2-inch and 4-inch PVC monitoring wells (25 wells) and advancement of soil borings with ASTM split-spoon samples (20 borings).  The monitoring wells were constructed of 2-inch and 4-inch wire-wrapped PVC screen and schedule 80 PVC materials.  Steel surface casings were installed and grouted in place to isolate the overburden in each bedrock well.  The wells were installed using multiple drilling methods including cable tool (deeper overburden wells encountering flowing sand), hollow stem augers (shallow overburden wells), air hammer (bedrock wells), mud rotary, air rotary and NQWL rock coring to 300 feet.  Soil samples were collected in the overburden using split spoon samplers.   Bedrock wells were double cased using 8-inch steel casing in the overburden and 4-inch PVC in the bedrock.  GEO also installed flush and above ground protective covers, 2'x2' concrete pads, performed decontamination of drilling tools, well development, and management of investigative derived wastes (soil and water).

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